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Chart House

Visited 29 May, 2016.

A quiet pleasant environment; the table (in fact most of them) and a good view of the lake.

We sampled some cocktails at the bar before being seated. I had an acceptable mojito; the mint was chopped and there was less flavor of both mint and lime than in a really good one; J also said it was okay. M selected a beer. Overall, the beer choices were not very interesting but okay.

Service was a bit slow to start (very large party in a private room seemed to slow this down) but adequate. Not very long after the server asked about drink orders, fresh bread service arrived. The breads were fine but uninteresting.

I began with a cup of gazpacho. Huge! It was definitely a bowl. It was nicely spicy and very full of fresh crunchy vegetables; I really enjoyed it. Our official starters for the restaurant week menu came next. J & M selected the beef carpaccio; the thin slices of beef had very little flavor and were accompanied by arugula, fried capers, shaved parmesan and a thin crostini. It seems that most of the flavor was provided by the accompaniments. My hummus starter; three flavors, roasted red pepper, avocado, and Kalamata; was served with pita (not very fresh, firm, and a bit dry) and plantain chips. I found that I did not care for the pita with any of the flavors. The avocado turned out to be edamame and avocado and virtually flavorless. The red pepper and Kalamata olive were both pleasant especially when combined with the plantain.

Main course were prime rib for J and I while M chose the salmon. The prime rib was quite thinly sliced though cooked as ordered. This has never been a cut that appealed to me because of the large pieces of fat so this was my first sampling of he cut; I did not care for it. It was not wholly as a result of the fat, almost all of the flavor had to come from the au jus served with it; the horseradish sauce needed more horseradish, I would have preferred just horseradish. J liked it much more than I did, he said that it was an okay version of the dish. I found the potatoes to have a bit of an odd, almost turnip like, flavor; they were chunky which I like but overall pretty boring. M enjoyed his salmon, he said it was very good and quite interesting; it had blue cheese on it.

Desserts selected were crème brûlée and raspberry sorbet. Both M and I felt thecrème brûlée was good. J and I were impressed with his sorbet; it was surprisingly creamy, not at all icy, and intensely flavored.

As there was no acceptable iced tea, I was left with sparking water to drink.

While there were some long waits between courses; it seems the kitchen could not keep up due to the large group and a fully booked restaurant, I found the service and food to be acceptable but not great nor inspired. I enjoyed the atmosphere so I would return.

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This entry was posted on May 30, 2016 by in Arizona, Scottsdale.
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