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Tasty Kabob

Visited most recently on 3 June, 2016.

This is a hidden gem, a very good Persian restaurant hidden in the corner of an unassuming little strip mall.

I have had many dishes and I like everything that I have had. This time, we started with the stuffed grape leaves and the spicy beans. As always, the grape leaves are tightly rolled around pleasant mildly seasoned rice and then steamed to a perfect texture; the leaves are tender, readily cut, but still easy to pick up with fingers. The spicy beans were pinto beans in a spicy tomato sauce; this was a new dish for me and I will get it again.

M selected the gyro plate; a large meal of salad, rice, and gyro meat. Unfortunately, I failed to ask how it was. J had the lamb shank; fall off the bone tender in a mellow tasting sauce served with a large mound of rice. I had the tadig with the ghormeh sabzi. The crispy tadig was completed by the very tasty stew of green vegetables, tender beef and preserved lime. This is my hands down favorite dish here.

The service tonight was very good and he was attentive. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not the case and you have to work hard to get someones attention.

I will, of course, return again.

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This entry was posted on June 3, 2016 by in Arizona, Tempe.
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