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Visited 12 June, 2016.

Sunday brunch on a pleasant patio in a strip mall was good but not fantastic.

We began with the bread and butter board. This was a trio of toasted local artisan breads (garlic topped county white, foccacia topped with flax-seed, and sourdough) accompanied by an excellent French butter. The white bread only had a very light topping of crisp fried garlic and hence only a faint garlic taste, it had a very tight crumb and soft crust. The flax-seed topping was almost not there and the underlying bread was a bit too moist (almost as if it had been bushed with some oil in one spot), very airy (lots of large holes), and crisp crust. The third bread was my favorite, it had an excellent chew, light texture, loose crumb, firm crust, and very  slight sourness.

I selected the gazpacho for my main course. It was an interesting variation due to the unusual add-ins. The soup was a bit less spicy than I am used to but was tasty and had the usual drizzle of good olive oil with a sprinkling of chives on the top. Add-ins were fresh mildly hot red peppers, corn salsa, persian cucumbers, and avocado puree. I found the dish to be pleasant. J chose steak, eggs, frites. His steak was cooked as ordered; it was a filet that he found to be just a touch chewy covered in peppercorn sauce. I sample some of the sauce and found it to be less peppery than I am used to for steak au poivre. The eggs, over easy, were cooked to an acceptable doneness for him and he liked the dish. I found the fries to be too soft, there was no crisp to them. They seemed more like oven fries.

We had coffee and beignets for dessert. The coffee comes in a huge cup and was weak (as is almost all restaurant coffee) but flavorful. The beignets were more like donut holes in texture, they were actually ricotta donuts coated with cinnamon-sugar. An orange “cream” accompanied the donuts, I found the taste of it not to my liking but J enjoyed it.

Overall, we found the meal pleasant enough but not fantastic and the service was very slow at times. I would eat here again but I would not make a trip out of my way again to do so.


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This entry was posted on June 12, 2016 by in Arizona, Phoenix.
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