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Chelsea’s Kitchen

Visited 17 June, 2016.

This was our first visit where we chose to sit inside the restaurant rather than on the patio. It is pleasantly decorated with fairly comfortable chairs. It was quiet when we arrived but as the time approached 4:00 pm the music got louder and reached an uncomfortable level. This may cause me to  choose never to go when it is not nice enough to sit outside.

On to the foods. We both chose the gazpacho to start. The soup had a pleasant slightly thick texture and had chopped parsley distributed on top. The parsley did not work as it tended to stick to the sides of your mouth or teeth rather than go down with the rest of the soup. We both found it to be quite bland but not bad. The croutons had a nice flavor and were nicely crunchy without being hard, unfortunately, the pieces were too large. The soup was not a keeper for either of us.

Both of us also chose taco platters for our main course; J selected salmon and I had short ribs. The meat was tender and well-flavored but did not work for me as taco. I did enjoy the meat, the excellent freshly made corn tortillas, the good guacamole, and the fresh pico de gallo. I did not enjoy the kale slaw. J commented that he would have preferred flour tortillas but that his was okay as well. Both of us decided that the tacos were not keepers for us here.

Iced tea is fruity but I can drink it and they have some good beer choices. Service has always been good. Since we have enjoyed past meals moe, we will return.

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