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Southern Rail

Visited 18, June 2016.

This menu looked good for a Saturday brunch so we went downtown.

The mimosas were pretty good and definitely more bubbly than orange. The $5 price tag was not bad either.

It turns out that this was the first day for this brunch menu so the waiter was eager to know how things were. We began with the deviled eggs. The filling was the usual combination of egg yolk, mayonnaise, a hint of mustard, and maybe some vinegar. It was topped with a small piece of very crispy chicken skin. It was not a hit; we both felt the filling was too loose and wet, not yolky enough, and very little seasoning. The crispy chicken skin was a nice texture but left an oily taste that lingered long after the dish was finished.

For my second course, I ordered the green tomato gazpacho. Another one that flopped for me. It was watery puréed green tomatoes with no real flavor and a bunch of water cress floating on the top; I ate about a third of the soup. J chose the bread pudding french toast as his second course. This was a delight! The bread had soaked up just the right amount of the distinctly vanilla tasting custard; it was moist but not wet. The blueberries, lightly candied crunchy pecans, and banana bourbon sauce added just the right touch of sweetness and extra moisture; the toast was not swimming in the sauce.

Since I had two halves of very light courses, I opted for a third course before dessert; biscuits and gravy. Another hit, I thoroughly enjoyed the big fluffy biscuit with the crisp crust smothered in an extremely flavorful andouille sausage gravy and drizzled with chili oil. It was a very generous serving (2 large biscuits) which I could not quite finish. This dish could be improved by slightly increasing the amount of gravy and chili oil as I would have run out of both before biscuit had I finished the dish.

To finish the meal, we chose to have beignets and cafe au lait. The cafe au lait was served in a smaller portion than I am used to and the coffee that was used was weak. The beignets were a bit denser than those that I have had at Cafe du Monde but they were clearly into the powdered sugar all over idea. I liked the beignets, they were moist inside, nicely fried, and not oily.

I will definitely return as there are more interesting things to try on the menu. They do change their menu frequently so you never know when the next really good southern inspired dish will pop up.


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This entry was posted on June 20, 2016 by in Arizona, Phoenix.
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