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Rí Rá

Visited 19 & 20 June, 2016.

Took this one for a small taste test at lunch on the 19th. It is a quiet pub located in Mandalay Place decorated as you would expect a pub to be that claims to have been exported from the old country.

We started with some perfectly cooked chips (french fries in the U.S.) accompanied by a very tasty malt mayo (malt vinegar and mayonnaise).  The dip really completed the chips with the vinegar to cut the oiliness.

Both of us selected the half stew – half salad combo. I had the garden salad and J had the caesar. We had beef and Guinness stew. J said his caesar was good. I asked for blue cheese dressing and they brought ranch (YUCK!); fortunately it was on the side so it did not ruin my salad. It turns out they were out of blue cheese and did not ask me what I wanted. Once they brought the vinaigrette, I enjoyed my salad of crispy fresh vegetables. The stew was a nice version of the classic dish but did not have the deep flavor of the long slow cooked Guinness that I associate with it; I assume this means they were lighter on the Guinness. It really did not need the snake of mashed potatoes that was squirted on the top as the stew already has potatoes.

The 20th was a breakfast trip. The breakfast boxty that I selected was pretty good. the boxty was a slightly doughier version than I am used to but had good flavor. It was stuffed with eggs, sausage, cheddar, and red bell pepper covered with hollandaise and accompanied by breakfast potatoes. The potatoes were an interesting blend of varieties including sweet; they seem to have been lightly sautéed but not much else. I felt they were too much and once again redundant as the boxty is made with potato. J selected the cinnamon battered brioche with fruit compote. This was an excellent variation on french toast. It was lightly soaked in a custard so that most of the texture and flavor came from the cinnamon and brioche. The accompanying compote was fine and they brought him more fresh berries. Coffee was stronger than most restaurant coffee and I actually drank more than one cup. We decided this was to be our breakfast place while here this trip.

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