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Spago – Las Vegas

Visited 21 June, 2016.

Wow, not the same place at all that I visited 3 years ago where I had impeccable service, a quiet soothing atmosphere, and a meal of which I enjoyed every bite. Night and day, service was okay, the establishment is now loud, glaring, and metallic, and the food is very good but does not wow.

Both J and I started with heirloom tomato basil soup; it was what you would expect, a nice tomato bisque drizzled with some pesto, sprinkled with parmesan, and served with a small  bread round topped with some whipped dairy. A nice soup. C began with Caprese salad, thickly sliced tomato (two varieties, one red and one golden) atop mozzarella, topped with basil, and drizzled with balsamic. She said that it was good. I had the filet special. This was an excellent cut of meat that was pretty much left alone except to be a bit over-cooked, I ordered medium rare and what I got was medium well. It was accompanied with a tasty dollop of puréed butternut squash and some non-memorable vegetables. C went with the rigatoni pasta with beef Bolognese; a good pasta smothered in a rich thick meaty red sauce. J selected duck breast; this was cooked as ordered. He did not enjoy it as much as when he gets it at one our local favorites but it was good.

The service was okay but occasionally slow.

The portions were generous but still not worth the high price given the total lack of ambiance or anything special about the food. I will not return.

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This entry was posted on June 25, 2016 by in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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