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Public House

Visited 22 June, 2016.

This one is in the Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian. I had previously visited this establishment 3 years ago and the poutine was so awesome that I had to return to try it again.

My first disappointment came when I tried to order a cider; they have switched from dry ciders to sweet, not good. J still found decent beer choices.

Unfortunately they altered the poutine and not in a good way. The previous version had a thick rich Bordelaise sauce which was replaced by beef gravy; a good gravy but not even close to the Bordelaise. In addition, the toppings were minimal and not enough to cover the fries. Only a couple of cheese curds were found and it was a very small amount of duck. You get the hint of the original dish but this does not hold a candle to it. Too bad, the poutine was what brought me back as the rest was just good pub fare that you can get at lots of places. Disappointment once again.

For our meal J and I selected two dishes to split, the appetizer of pork belly sliders and the cheese board. The pork belly sliders were a, the belly was crisp on the outside and about the size of the bun (oddly, there were two rather than the usual three). The selection of 3 cheeses was a good Danish blue, a nice Hopscotch Scotch Ale cheddar, and a run of the mill (Hickory Farms level as described by P) smoked gouda served with some nice toasted crusty bread. It was also accompanied by orange marmalade, lightly candied walnuts, and dried cherries. C & P chose the same dishes as J and I but added the charcuterie board as well.  Unfortunately, I do not recall the selections made by A and K (JC just helped others with their orders) but no one seemed to dislike very much other than the smoked gouda (K did like it.).

Overall, the service was fine. J had a good selection of beers and the food was okay. I would dine here again if in the area and someone requested it.

One comment on “Public House

  1. azspicycycler
    June 27, 2016

    The cheese plate sounded amazing here. I’m a cheese and wine fanatic so I’d more than likely visit here based on the cheese platter alone. Always love reading your posts; J and I met JC where C & P showed up two hours late. Always feel like I’m reading a math equation hahah. Keep up the reviews!

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