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Pitta Souvli

Visited 28 June, 2016.

This is a tiny little place tucked away in the corner of a strip mall; a bit hard to find the entrance but persevere.

We ordered the Greek fries to start while we waited for the third member of our party to show up. She arrived about the same time as we ordered (good thing so that we could have the feta on the side as she cannot eat the cheese). The perfectly crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside fries lightly tossed in vinaigrette topped off with a generous amount of large tomato chunks arrived quite speedily. They are steak fries which means it is easy, due to the width,  to make the finely crumbled feta adhere to the fry.

I was pleased to discover that we had landed there for happy hour (money off appetizers and drink deals). I chose to sample many things by selecting three appetizers; spanakopita, mixed dips (I selected hummus, black bean hummus, and chili hummus.), and falafel. I usually love spanakopita but somehow this one was too salty for me. The regular hummus was also not to my taste, it was almost runny enough to pour but the flavor was pleasant. Both of the others had a good texture and were spicy; surprisingly the black bean hummus was the spicier of the two though neither was actually hot. I found the falafel (accompanied by tomato slices and drizzled with tahini) to be delightful; crisply fried, not greasy, and the flat patty shape easier to handle than the usual round shape. All were accompanied by generous amounts of average pita bread triangles.

Both P and D had dishes that were accompanied by a Greek salad which they were a bit dissatisfied with, in particular, they did not like that it was tightly packed in a small bowl and the ingredients could not be moved around or stirred. The salad consisted of lettuce, onions, cucumber, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and feta (P omitted the feta and D omitted the onions.). One of them felt there were too many tomatoes and the other did not agree. D enjoyed her grilled pesto salmon but found the couscous did not appeal and the garlic bread to be a bit oily. P really liked her souvlaki (I do not recall the meat) and thought the Greek potatoes were okay but a bit too mushy and overly lemony. I sampled and agree they were too mushy but I enjoyed the level of the lemon.

I had a nice Malbec (half price bottle for happy hour), the iced tea was good, and there were some nice beer choices.

One comment on “Pitta Souvli

  1. luvsfood
    June 29, 2016

    I must be slipping. I failed to mention that the service was great and I will return. I also had dessert, pourekia, delightful deep fried pockets of phyllo stuffed with cheese, lightly doused with excellent clover honey, and lightly sprinkled with powedered sugar and cinnamon. Yum!

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