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Visited 30 June, 2016.

A small hidden restaurant serving breakfast and lunch was a bit hard to get to and once parking was found it was still difficult to find out which way to enter. We did manage finally; it is counter service (not my favorite thing).

I selected this restaurant so that I could have johnnycakes. Their version is different from others that I have had (large pancake size, containing corn and chilis) but that was not a bad thing. I really enjoyed the flavor of the cakes but found them a touch dry. The sweet rice was a pleasant accompaniment but I would have preferred it without the raisins. I really did not care for the prickly pear syrup at all. The sausage was excellent, not fatty, not greasy, grilled perfectly with a crispy exterior. J had the pain perdu; he said that it was a good example of that type of french toast but he would have preferred a more traditional version.

I was pleasantly surprised by the coffee. While it was not stronger, it was much more robust than most restaurants serve and had great well rounded flavor.

Since it was counter service; when I say the service was excellent it means they bought the food out; checked that it was all good at least twice, and even enquired if we needed anything else at least twice.

I would dine here again.

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This entry was posted on July 1, 2016 by in Arizona, Phoenix.
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