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The Breadfruit & Rum Bar

Visited 11 June, 2016.

This is a very cozy restaurant tucked away on a quiet street in downtown Phoenix.

Things did not start out well, we arrived about 2 or 3 minutes before our reservation and, despite the restaurant not being full, we had to wait about 10 minutes for them to get our table ready. What happens if you do not have a reservation?

Once seated, we were given 2 menus, one for the food (The Breadfruit Menu) and one for the cocktails (partial Rum Bar menu). As I was expecting, it would not take me long to pick my food as most of it is seafood (damn allergy) but was it ever hard to decide on the rum drink; so many so little that can be consumed at once.

Our server was awesome, she was exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable, and carefully explained things in great detail when asked. Super, extra bonus points for such an awesome server.

Okay, round one of rum drinks. I decided upon The Commonwealth. The cocktail was good, the flavor and texture reminded me of peach nectar; it was not too sweet. While It was a good flavor, I would not get this one again, just not my cup of tea. J began with 54 Forty Six; a very tasty mojito like cocktail; this was my favorite of his choices of the night. P selected lavender cream soda which she said was very tasty and seemed quite surprised that she liked it as much as she did.

For starters we had roasted plantains with mango dip; the plantains were roasted to golden brown perfection and the sweet, tangy, slightly spicy mango dip was perfect on top of them. P and J also enjoyed the ceviche.

Round two of cocktails were Tamarind Ball II for me and Sugarfoot for J. I liked this one a whole lot more than my first; it was light, not sweet, a bit mojito like, a very pleasant rum, lots of ginger, and then the tamarind ball to nibble as you sipped to add so much more to the flavors already there. The Sugarfoot had a tangerine like flavor with another very pleasant rum. The rums in both of these drinks was more forward than in the previous ones.

I had to try the jerk chicken for my main; one because I love good jerk and two, she told us it was one of their specialties. They actually use a game hen and serve you half of it so the portion is not huge, big enough that I took half home though. The mildly hot jerk was excellent, the bird cooked to perfection, crispy skinned and tender juicy meat! The accompanying peas and rice were very good as well. The vegetables were still crisp. My only complaint with the dish was the greens because I found all of the stems objectionable in texture. J had the jerk pork. Again, the jerk seasoning was excellent with a mild level of heat. The meat was tender and juicy, served with good polenta and vegetables. P selected the cabbage rolls. She really like the filling but found the layer of cabbage to be overwhelming for the other flavors. Once she removed the cabbage and ate the filling with smaller amount of cabbage she said it was very good.

Finally, after we had finished our food, our third round of cocktails arrived. This was an issue all evening, the cocktails were slow. Our server apologized again and explained that the bartender was new, first night. My choice was called The Selector’s Daiquiri; this meant that I got to choose my rum to be made into a daiquiri. I told our server that I would like a white Martinique rum; she came back and said we have just one but it is $14. I went for it and it was FABULOUS!! By far, the best cocktail of the night. Daiquiris are great as there is just some lime and a bit of sweetener to go with the rum allowing all of the qualities of the rum to shine. This was an extremely smooth full flavored rum. J finished with The Wiz Bang; it was very good but I cannot really describe the flavor (I was too busy thoroughly enjoying my daiquiri.)

I will return!

Tamarind Ball II

Tamarind Ball II

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