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Feeney’s Restaurant & Bar

Visited 10 June, 2016.

Described as a neighborhood gem and Cretan dakos on the menu made me give this one a try.

It is a dimly lit old world style restaurant where the bar and the TVs are separated from the dining areas. Clearly the furnishings have seen better times but it is not horrible nor is it dirty.

We went for brunch. I started with the “if Bloody Mary were Greek”; I say started because this beverage is also an appetizer. It was garnished with pita, olives, cucumber, saganakiĀ cheese, and bell pepper. The pita, unlike the description, was not crisp. The Bloody Mary had a good flavor and a pleasant level of heat.

I selected the Cretan dakos for my meal (after all, it was why I came). They were not at all like dakos that I had in Crete but the flavors were certainly reminiscent. The barley bread was the correct flavor for dakos but was softer than I had had in Crete. The tomatoes and olive oil added to the Cretan flavors. It was topped with two beautifully fried eggs. Overall, an enjoyable dish with flavors that remind you of the dakos of Crete. I also ordered a side of home fries. This was an interesting twist on my expectation of home fries. There was nothing crisp about the dish; the potatoes were cooked almost to a mush. The bell peppers and onions gave the dish a very sweet taste. They were definitely not my cup of tea. J selected pancakes frangelico. The pancakes were about the best that I have had in a restaurant, very light, fluffy, and moist without being wet. Topped with the sweet frangelico maple syrup and fruit, they were delightful.

J found several beers that suited.

I would go here again; perhaps just not go out of my way again.


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This entry was posted on July 17, 2016 by in Arizona, Phoenix.
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