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Laurelwood SE Public House

Visited 20 July, 2016.

Started out bad and got worse. It took more than 10 minutes for the server to come for her first visit to the table. We ordered drinks and told her we were not ready for food order quite yet. She made it extremely difficult for me to order the one and only apple cider on the menu, I finally had to point it out.

Finally, our drinks were dropped off. Literally, then she ran off before we could place our order. Eventually, after she took orders from all tables around us, I was just barely able to flag her down before she exited again and placed our food order.

Food took a very long time. Upon its arrival, I suspect the wait was to make sure it cooled back down to tepid and that the salmon was overcooked. Clearly we did not enjoy the food. I ordered a side of tots an a bowl of chili. The tots were warm and greasy; the portion was huge (It turns out that I was given an appetizer order and not the side order.). The chili was decent tasting but not hot and I did not like green onions on the top (It was served with tortilla chips, unannounced.) J had overcooked salmon, a mound of fried potatoes, and asparagus. He was not impressed.

My cider was too sweet; J said beers were okay.

Not worth a return.

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This entry was posted on July 21, 2016 by in Oregon, Portland.
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