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5th and Wine

img_1954Visited 16 Sept., 2016


Our opening venture for fall restaurant week was quite pleasant. We chose to go a bit early and have it be our Friday happy hour as well.

The decor was not remarkable but it was certainly not offensive or loud; nor was the noise level loud. As it was happy hour when we arrived, we had cocktails and took advantage of a wine special. I would give the dark and stormy a miss the next time but the bottle of pinot was nice.

Dinners started with sweet baby bells stuffed with a slightly spicy sausage and cheese, a drizzle of balsamic reduction and some baby greens finished the plate. We also sampled the stuffed mushrooms, these were interesting as I had never had a mushroom stuffed with goat cheese; they also had some bacon and a drizzle of balsamic reduction. The third appetizer was the hummus plate; the hummus was slightly grainy (I find this pleasant.) accompanied by slices of crisp cucumber, wedges of an ordinary pita, and a bit of tzatziki.

For dinner we all (6 of us) chose the bison burger. The burgers were ordered to various degrees of doneness and the kitchen did a pretty good job of getting them all correct. I really like the flavor of the meat but I would have preferred a thicker burger and I did not care for the sweetness of the chipotle roasted corn aioli. The crispy leeks were pleasant as was the accompanying dill pickle spear. French fries were acceptable but not outstanding.

Desserts were bread pudding and chocolate mousse. The bread pudding of the day was mixed berry; it was not really to my liking (but then, I am not a bread pudding fan) but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. The chocolate mousse was a very good version of this dish, rich chocolate, not overly sweet, very smooth and creamy. Coffee was okay and the malbec that I selected was very nice.

The service was very good but there was one hiccup. I am never sure who is to blame for this. The order was taken for all three courses (as they often do during restaurant week) and the first two courses went smoothly but they started bringing desserts before people were done with their meals. Additionally, I find it rude to remove plates before everyone is finished, it often makes those still eating feel rushed.

We decided it was pleasant enough to return and I think it would be nice for happy hour on occasion.

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