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Visited 17 Sept., 2016

We arrived at 6:00 pm and found a rather lively atmosphere but not deafening. The plastic chairs are tacky looking and decidedly uncomfortable, otherwise the decor is rather interesting but loud.

Starters were guacamole, ceviche, and al pastor tacos. The dishes were all very good. Interestingly, the sizes were widely varied. My creamy chunky guacamole came with a generous serving of large round sturdy chips and could have served all four of us for a starter. The ceviche was also reported to be very good and was a moderate size while the also reportedly very good al pastor street tacos were two tiny two bite tacos.

Main courses were also curiously sized. P and I both got the huge portion of carne asada served on equally huge plates. The meat was delightfully seasoned, cooked to a perfect medium and accompanied by lime, grilled onions, finely crumbled queso fresco, a grilled (hot) jalpeño, 6 little corn tortillas, and another generous serving of guacamole. J and T had much smaller mains, Mahi Mahi and airline chicken. Both said their meals were very good as well.

Dessert was arroz con leche Cubano, very creamy, a bit sweet for me but not overwhelming, a hint of cinnamon and served with a very sweet dulce de leche and kahlua. We also had their excellent (not for the faint) strong bold Mexican coffee.

Unfortunately, by the time we finished, the volume was cracked up to deafening (a slow increase during the course of our meal).

Service was rushed. One busser was in such a hurry he removed J’s chopsticks (which had remnants of ceviche), putting them on my side plate and almost hitting my food with pieces of fish. This is quite a scare for someone with an allergy. We just really felt like they were in a hurry for us to leave but they were unable to get any course on the table at the same time for all diners with the exception of the dessert course. In fact, there was almost a 5 minute wait between the arrival of main courses for P and I and those of J and T. Plenty of time for food to cool off too much.

I would give it another try as the food was very good. Since the earliest time for dinner is 5, I would try that to see if I could escape before the noise reaches ear damaging levels, and I would like to see if the patio was more comfortable than the main dining room (Those plastic chairs really were painful.).sumomaya

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This entry was posted on September 19, 2016 by in Arizona, Scottsdale.
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