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Beijing Palace 

Visited 9 Dec., 2016. 

J and I started with two dim sum to share. The first was steamed dumpling with pork and ginger; an excellent bite. The dumpling was perfectly cooked, not sticky or slimy, just enough firmness to the pasta. The ginger was subtle but present. Up second was spring rolls with chicken and bamboo shoot. These were also perfectly cooked; thin crispy skin with no trace of oil. The stuffing was nice; perhaps too many other ingredients for the flavor of the chicken to come through and the bamboo shoots cut a bit small to get the full effect of their crunch. The accompanying dipping sauce was quite nice, a bit sweet and a bit salty, and complimented the spring rolls. I forgot to note E’s three dim sum choices. 

J and I selected the crispy duck for out second course.  Excellent! There was a generous pile of little pancakes waiting to be painted with salty  sweet hoisin sauce then wrapped around sticks of green onion and cucumber topped with a slice of duck with delightfully crispy skin. A fantastic bite; sweet, salty, fresh, slightly oily from the duck’s fat, and crisp! 

The service was prompt and attentive. The server spoke English and the menu was also translated into English. I would quite happily return.

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