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La Sangria

Visited 13 Dec., 2016.

T, J, and I decided to try tapas at this Spanish restaurant. As we waited for T to arrive, they served warm rolls, olives, and garlic aioli. The rolls were pretty generic fluffs of thinly crusty white bread but the aioli was very good and quite garlicky. Once T arrived they brought another warm roll. 

We selected 6 tapas: manchego, albondigas en su salsa, patatas bravas, gambas al ajillo, chorizo frito, and tortilla Española. The manchego was a good sample ofmthis type of cheese, a slightly younger version than I usually have so it was a bit softer and less sharp. The cheese was served with a thin jelly. The tasty meatballs (albondigas) rested in a subtlety spiced sauce. While the potatoes (patatas) were cooked perfectly with a wonderfully flavored pleasantly spicy sauce, they fell short of perfection due to lack of sauce. The sauce could only be found on the surface, there was not enough to get through to the lower levels of potatoes. Both T and J agreed that the least successful was the shrimp (gamba) as they found it had very little flavor other than shrimp even though it was well cooked. The chorizo was excellent, cooked with the perfect crispy exterior. Everyone also enjoyed the omelette (tortilla Española) which was topped with a roasted red pepper. The potatoes in the omelette had an excellent texture, there was just enough egg to bind the ingredients together with subtle hints of garlic and onion. 

We also decided to have dessert.  T selected the flan, J chose tiramisu, and I went for the crema Catalana. Desserts were sampled by all and we each agreed that our own was the best while all were good.  The flan was firm with a shallow moat of sweet caramel. Tiramisu was light and a bit boozy with brandy.  My crema turned out to be a very good version of creme brûlée; the only drawback is that a couple of small areas had deeply burned sugar. Very good coffees went with dessert; T and I had double espressos while J had a latte.

We were greeted and seated quite promptly. For the most part service wa good but once or twice we had a bit of difficulty getting someone’s attention.  I would return. 

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