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Olivia Hegdehaugsveien

Visited 12 Dec., 2016

E selected this venue for Monday night pizza. E and I selected white pizzas; mushroom and 4 cheese. T and J selected “traditional” pizzas; ‘Nduja and mushroom and diavolo.  Everyone liked their pizza and all had a very thin crisp base. I sampled some of each. Not being overly fond of mushrooms, I was not surprised that I did not care for E’s choice but Ivan tell you that it was strongly mushroom flavored with a good hit of garlic, there was also some Parmesan among the mozzarella. T’s salumi (‘Nduja) was great, very nicely spicy and the mushroom took a clear backseat to the sausage but was definitely present along with a hint of spinach; again I detected Parmesan mixed in the mozzarella. The diavolo selected by J had a slight twist in the cheese combination, it used pecorino with the mozzarella. The salami had a very pleasant heat level and plenty of garlic. My 4 cheese was very good, a nice blend of pecorino, Parmesan, and mozzarella with a few dollops of a nice Gorgonzola.

I found the service to be excellent; helpful and attentive. The menu was not in English. Overall, a pleasant pizza experience. 

2 comments on “Olivia Hegdehaugsveien

  1. T
    December 14, 2016

    Just a small remark: I did not have the ‘Nduja, but the Calabrese, with truffle salami and penny bun mushroom.

    • luvsfood
      February 12, 2017

      This explains why the “spinach” only gave me an earthy taste; that was the mushrooms and truffle. It seems that the truffle was rather masked by the mushrooms.

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This entry was posted on December 14, 2016 by in Norway, Oslo.
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