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Tempe Public Market Cafe

Visited 13 Jan. 2018. Revisit 23 Feb. 2018

This cafe opened yesterday but we decided to brave opening jitters and give it a go for brunch hoping for less crowded than if we went at noon. The line was VERY long (and remained that way even as we left), it took about 40 minutes to finally arrive at the counter to order. I had not realized when I read the article about the cafe that it was going to be counter service, oh well.

Cashiers were slow. After they finished with the previous customer it took up to 5 minutes to call the next in line. At least one cashier was not familiar with the menu, the specials for the day, nor the enticement that all patrons the first week would be given a free cookie or coffee with their purchase. My cashier readily gave us two cookies while a friend was denied a cookie saying that she had to show the website on their smartphone in order to get the cookie. My friend does not have a smartphone and the article in the New Times did not state anything about a website or showing anything to receive the freebie. Eventually, after 3 attempts and an hour, a manager came to the table (more on that later). J was able to go to the bar and obtain beer in a fairly timely manner.

The first of our food arrived at the table about 30 minutes after we had paid. However, it was only the Cubano sandwich that J chose and not my burger; N also had not received her food but it was at least a different order. 15 minutes later and my cold food arrived followed shortly by N’s hot soup and cold fries. J reported that the temperature of his food was good.

The food was very hit and miss. J liked the Cubano, my hamburger was nearly raw and cold; I could not eat it. N and I both had french fries which were room temperature. We did agree that they probably would have been good fries if they had been hot. N said the pumpkin soup was hot but just okay. The soup was sweet tasting and heavy on the cream component.

A manager eventually came to the table after I had asked a couple of servers and bussers. He apologized very profusely for everything. He asked for our card that we had used to pay so that he could refund the hamburger, said he would inform the cashier about the cookies and would bring one, and he tried very hard to give me some other food and all of us dessert. He refunded even more than the price of the hamburger and brought N a box for the fries. I did have to ask one more time about the cookie, he had misunderstood and thought that mine (N had pointed at it as the type desired) was the missing one. He promptly brought N two cookies in a box to take home.

This place has a LOT of opening jitters. I will likely try it again ( but not for at least a month) as there is so very little in the neighborhood and a couple of the dishes that went by looked like they could be tasty. It is on the northeast corner of Warner and Rural.

We returned for another try just as they opened at 7am on a Friday. There was no line, ordering was much more efficient, and food came out in a reasonable amount of time. Both of us opted for biscuits and gravy, J went with scrambled eggs and I chose over medium. The biscuits had a nice texture and there were large chunks of chorizo in the gravy. J said his eggs were good and mine were cooked correctly. The taste was good but my food was not really hot; part of the food was warm and some was cold. I also tried their coffee, not a keeper.

I will not go often but I may try occasionally as it is convenient.

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