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Social Hall

Visited 17 Jan. 2018.

It was a warm sunny afternoon, so we chose to sit in the courtyard (as it is unpaved, I do not call it a patio). There is plenty of room in the large sparsely furnished area so that you are not on top of others. This aspect was excellent. Next time, I would choose a table further from the entrance and game tables as the cigarette smoke and noise were bothersome.

Unfortunately, I had a bad cold so my taste buds were not working well. That said, I could taste some things and it was enough to know that I need to go back and try again. We selected Winston’s empanadas and coconut agave mini muffins to start. The empanadas had a beautiful soft flaky crust (J said the filling was very good) but unfortunately, I could not actually taste the filling. They were served with habanero sauce which I used very generously as I could taste it; it was very good and probably spicier than I knew at the time. The mini cornbread muffins were moist with a nice softly grainy texture. I could not taste any mango in the butter but J really liked it.

We decided it was a small plate day so for round two we selected coconut prawns, jerk social wings, and plain french fries. J declared the prawns to be very good. I was surprised that I could faintly taste the jerk seasoning used for the social wings; it was very good. The french fries were not great as there were just far too many very short pieces. However, the citrus aioli that was served with the fries was very good even with my almost dormant taste buds.

The courtyard was great but my foray into the inside area to visit the restroom convinced me this would be an outside place for me. The inside had booths along one wall, a long bar in the middle, and a few more booths at the end. The other side of the wall from the bar revealed arcade games and one living room like seating area.

I will definitely go back but I will change the location of my table.

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