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The Attic Ale House

Visited 25 Feb. 2018

We were drawn in by the description of mountain views, craft brews, and great burger (claim #5 in the world).

This is a small gastropub on the second floor which gives it a pleasant view of Camelback mountain. As advertised they had several interesting craft beers for J to taste. Unfortunately for me, 2 of the 3 ciders were hopped, so I only got to try one. Despite the one not being an apple, I decided to try it anyway as the sample seemed not too sweet. It was an almost dry blueberry cider that paired well with our starter.

We chose the cheese plate to start. It consisted of some rather non-descript toast soldiers, a couple of seedy crackers, fresh apple slices, dried cranberries, raw walnuts, slightly sweet pecans and a selection of 4 kinds of cheese. It was a pleasant starter but 2 of the cheeses were too similar.

Both of us selected the closest to a basic burger that they have on the menu, The Ivan (rated top five burgers in the world). These are big meaty half-pound burgers; the meat is excellent with a firm texture. J stripped his down to a basic cheeseburger, swiss, lettuce, onion, and tomato to be cooked medium rare. I left mine as it is on the menu with cheddar except for removal of the raw onions; to be cooked medium well. The field greens on the burgers (mine in particular) were just way too many; I filled a small side plate when I removed them. Everything else that came on the burger worked well for me. Both burgers were actually overcooked; his was medium and mine was well done (though not so well done that it was dry). Despite the slight overcooking, we both enjoyed the burgers. We both selected fries as the side, I also asked for some of the chipotle mayo and food crak sauce to dip my fries in. The food crak sauce is an interesting sweetened (I was told with brown sugar.) sriracha that was too runny for dipping but pretty good (in small quantities) on my burger. French fries were okay, not really crispy but not too floppy either.

The patio looked inviting and would most likely have been comfortable on a warmer less windy day.

We will return.

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This entry was posted on February 25, 2018 by in Arizona, Phoenix.
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