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Canoe Club

Visited 9 May, 2018.

Unsurprisingly, there is a bit of a canoe theme in the decor. It is not too overdone and the atmosphere is quite pleasant. I only object to paper on top of the tablecloths.

We went in to have some drinks before dinner. J had a decent selection of beers, they had a nice cider, and they make a mean Dark ‘N Stormy (yes, Goslings Black Seal!!!!).  Having perused the menu while enjoying our beverages, we decided to stay on for dinner.

The starter was excellent. I keep trying deep fried avocado but am a bit disappointed by the inability to keep the breading on the fruit. They serve avocado fries with spicy rhubarb sauce (the main reason that I tried the dish). They have achieved perfection in flavor, consistency, and stickability of the breading. The spicy rhubarb sauce was very flavorful, with a slight acidity that counterbalanced the creaminess of the avocado. A delightful dish.

As I was still a bit wobbly (gastro-intestinal issues caused by previous night’s food), I decided to keep it lighter so I ordered the cheese plate accompanied by truffle tater tots as my main. The tater tots were not as expected, instead they were cubes of mashed potatoes that had been deep fried. They were not greasy and the maple sriracha ketchup (intrigued me enough to order the tots) was very different and an okay flavor but not really my cup of tea. I felt it could use more sriracha and maple with a bit less ketchup. The cheese plate was great and much larger than I anticipated, I did convince J to help a bit. The plate included a great local cheddar, blue cheese, fantastic goat cheese, and one other; there was a local jam that I did not care that much for but the dried cherries and pistachios made up for that. It was a very good cheese plate. J had the swordfish special which he says was very nice. It was a very enjoyable meal.

I will definitely return.

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