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Market Table

Visited 10 & 12 May, 2018.

The first visit was for dinner on a Thursday evening. The cafe was lightly populated (one large group came just after we were seated).  The decor is uninspired, sort of industrial chic.

For dinner, we both selected the tenderloin for dinner; ordered medium rare. J felt his steak was properly cooked but mine was overdone, almost well done. I found the meat to be tough as well, but J like his steak. The broccolini tasted of nothing but burnt, I could not eat it and J refused to try it after I made my comment on its flavor. The mashed potatoes were fine. I do not think that i would willingly try dinner here again.

The second visit was for Saturday brunch (a difficult meal to find in Hanover, NH). This went much better than the dinner. I selected (with help form my waiter) the corn beef hash. The hash was clearly a fresh house made hash with plenty of well flavored corned beef and chunky potatoes. The poached eggs atop were a little overdone, they did not run when pierced, but the hollandaise was perfect and not overdone. I also asked for toast, selected the french bread, and was served two very thin pieces of bread that had been toasted in a panini press; it worked well. J had the brioche french toast with blueberries and local maple syrup. He declared the french toast to be good (my bite, for me, was a wee bit on the dry side) and there were plenty of very good blueberries.

While I would not be likely to return for dinner, the brunch was delightful.

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This entry was posted on May 13, 2018 by in Hanover, New Hampshire.
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