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Sushi Ya

Visited 11 May, 2018.

This is an interesting restaurant that is Korean and Japanese (sushi). We visited for lunch and chose the Korean menu; both D and I chose bento boxes while J had the bibimbab (the hot dish as opposed to the cold version on the advice of your waiter, Johnnie). I let them know that I have a seafood allergy as sushi places make me very nervous. Johnnie assured me that my choice of bento box was safe.

They brought out several small side dishes to start; potatoes, bean sprouts, black beans, broccoli, and cucumbers. These were all quite tasty and gave us something to nibble while we waited.  J’s bibimbab was the first too arrive in a piping hot dish that he was warned not to touch the top of. Johnnie came over and showed J the proper manner of mixing it all up to eat it. J said that it was very good. D chose the Chicken-Katsu bento box, a meal that he enjoyed, My bento box was bulgogi. Both bento boxes included a salad, some vegetarian type sushi roll, fried rice and some sort of shrimp ball (which was apparently a mistake). Unfortunately, I ate the shrimp ball before I knew what it was as I had been told that the bento box was safe. Of course, panic set in, the guys ran to the drug store for benadryl. I took a massive dose and attempted to finish my lunch (thank goodness that I do not (yet) get anaphylactic shock from seafood)). I must say that I really did not taste much after that (in fact, I gave most of my bulgogi to J).

The waiter was extremely apologetic and shocked. He said those objects should never have been in the bento box. In fact his shift was over and he was due to leave but he came back to make sure that I was okay.

While I did not have a life threatening reaction, it did put me out of commission for the rest of the day and two days later I am still feeling some of the effects. It was quite a scare.

I am not sure if I would try it again as ther are no memorable flavors lingering in my mind.

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