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Carpenter & Main

Visited 13 May, 2018.

We went across the river again, had a brew or two and then to our dinner destination, Carpenter & Main is housed in an old style building (I forgot to check the actual age). You enter into the bar area and then we were escorted to the back dining room. This is a cozy room with only four tables and two tiny booth alcoves.

Our waiter, Kayt, was very informative about the foods, the beverages, and even the area. She was a delight and had a wonderful sense of humor to go along with impeccable service.

Now, the food. Wow. We began with a shared appetizer.  These were moist, tender, lightly moroccan seasoned lamb meatballs in a small amount of slightly spicy tomato sauce; a lovely opening. For the main course J went with the crispy duck comfit and I selected the steak frites. The duck leg was very flavorful, tender, and moist (it could have been just a slight bit moister) served on a bed of warm potato salad and lettuce. My steak was cooked to perfection (medium rare, as ordered), had great beef flavor, and was very tender. I enjoyed the fresh salad (greens, tomatoes, mushrooms) and (finally) crispy perfectly cooked french fries that accompanied it. Of course, we had to go for one more course, dessert. Who could resist something called terrine of three chocolates with raspberry coulis? We did not. The dessert was very nice, a light fluffy layered terrine with a darker chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate layer.

The service was awesome. Now comes the real kicker. We did not realize that it would be impossible to get a taxi (or uber or lyft) to return us to Hanover. The host and our waiter called many places and people. Suddenly the host came back and she told us that chef’s wife was going to come and take us back to Hanover! We were floored. We did have to wait a bit but they were all so gracious, telling us not to worry, stay at the table, offering us beverages (which we partook of but they refused to let us pay for). As promised the chef’s wife collected us and dropped us off at out hotel, once again, payment for the service was refused. My hats off to the wonderful neighborliness of this restaurant’s owner/chef and staff.

I will return if and when I am EVER in the area. I HIGHLY recommend the wonderful food and staff.

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This entry was posted on May 14, 2018 by in Norwich, Vermont.
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