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Orient Chinese & Japanese Restaurant

Visited 15 May, 2018.

Pretty standard Chinese restaurant offerings coupled with some sushi. We went in for lunch. The lunch came with soup, we all selected hot and sour soup. It was a nice broth, a bit less sour than I have come to expect but pleasantly spicy; full of mushrooms and tofu. D had a pork dish which he says he has had several times but that it was very good today, better than usual with a pleasant level of heat. J had tangerine shrimp, spicy and not very sweet, it was good. I had beef lo mien; it was great! (The best that I have had since House Of Louie.) Thinly sliced strips of lean tender beef, slivers of onion, a piece of scallion, some cabbage , and perfectly cooked thin egg noodles tossed in a nicely balanced sauce (although, it could have used a bit more ginger). I enjoyed this dish a lot (in fact, the leftovers made for a fantastic breakfast).

Would definitely return.

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This entry was posted on May 16, 2018 by in Hanover, New Hampshire.
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