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Blue Dragon

Visited 18 May 2018.

This small gastropub serves up Asian tapas style small plates. The decor is industrial chic (I believe that is the term.), comfortable enough but echoey so that it is loud.

We decided to go with the tapas idea; the waiter was aware of the contents of the dishes so he deftly steered me away from anything involving seafood. We began with shishito peppers with sesame powder and lemon; unfortunately, the sesame powder had some powdered fish in it so it had to be served on the side and I could not eat it, J liked the powder. I was a bit disappointed in the peppers as I have had many that were done better. The peppers selected were too large so they were very seedy and they were underdone. The flavor was okay. Up next, Asian duck comfit potstickers. These were excellent, the duck was flavorful and moist, the wrapper was al dente with a crisp bottom. Moving on, we had the pork and scallion wontons. Another excellent dish, the right balance of pork and scallion in another perfectly cooked wrapper. Our final dish was the Teriyaki bison burgers, two sliders served with very good french fries (J really liked the fries). The burgers were cooked perfectly with toppings that did not overwhelm the flavor of the bison, which came through the hint of teriyaki. The gouda was barely discernable but present, the shitakes were a bit more obvious but still very subtle, and the just-right amount of caramelized onion was the strongest flavor of the toppings.

I would definitely repeat this experience.

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This entry was posted on May 23, 2018 by in Boston, Massachusetts.
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