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Bostonia Public House

Visited 19 May 2018.

Our final foray of our Boston trip was for a Saturday brunch at the number one (for Boston brunch) rated Bostonia. It is clearly popular as there was a line as we arrived for our 10:00 (opening time) reservation.

Of course, we had a bucket of mimosa (one bottle of bubbles and two small carafes of juice, we had orange for both). The best way to have mimosas, you get to mix your own. (We had way too much juice.)

We decided to start off with the warm sweet potato doughnuts. These were tasty balls of dense moist fried dough resting in a pool of the Bulleit bourbon glaze that had been drizzled over the top. I found the glaze to be too sweet so I drained each one for a bit before I ate it, J went with the way they came. My selection for brunch was short rib biscuit & gravy. Wow, what an interesting (and tasty)  idea; tender red-wine braised short ribs spooned over a cheddar biscuit and topped with two perfectly poached eggs. (The eggs added richness to the gravy.) The cheddar biscuit was firm so that it still had texture under the gravy, it did not turn into mush. A delightful dish accompanied by a hint of roasted red pepper jam and very good lyonnaise potatoes. J went his usual route by choosing Bailey’s cinnamon french toast. A tender brioche bread soaked in a Bailey’s touched custard and fried to a golden brown then dusted with powdered sugar when served with good maple syrup, Kerrygold butter, and sausage. An excellent rendition (Yes, I tasted his dish!) of french toast.

Would definitely return.



Leftover OJ from the bucket of bubbles.



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This entry was posted on May 23, 2018 by in Boston, Massachusetts.
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