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Blue Coyote Cantina

Visited 21 May 2018.

This is located inside a casino so we had to run the smokey slot machine gauntlet to get there. Unfortunately, the smoke was so pervasive that we could smell it during our entire meal. The restaurant is the open area at the bottom of a pair of stairways, nothing appealing in the location, set-up. or furnishings.

We each ordered a cocktail to begin before we discovered that one was included in the restaurant week menu, oh well. My rum-based cocktail was fine but J’s margarita was too sweet. Unfortunately, we decided on, what turned out to be overly sweet Herradura Silver margarita to go with our meals (I fobbed it off on J who also did not finish it.).

On to the food. J had sopes rajas which turned out to be over fried masa patties topped with uninspired shredded beef and shredded vegetables; an amazingly tasteless combination. I went with carne en su jugo which turned out to be beef soup. There was a slightly beefy taste but no other seasoning was apparent in the broth, the flavor came from squeezing in the lime juice and adding the finely chopped onions (with minuscule barely discernable bits of jalapeno) that were served on the side. We were quite hungry, so we did eat most of the appetizer course. J’s main course was surf and turf fajitas; a generous portion of not very tasty steak and shrimp with the usual accompaniments. I went with the mole chicken; this was nasty! I ate very little of the slimy skinned, poached chicken topped with a pasty brown sauce that had no resemblance to any other mole that I have ever had. The slightly seasoned beans were the best thing on the plate. To finish J chose the tres leches while I went with the moyete. J said the tres leches was a bit sweet and dry, in his words, “It wasn’t very good.”. The moyete was very odd, it consisted of an extremely (as in impossible to cut and hence impossible to eat) hard quarter of a fried torpedo bread served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a few strawberries.

Obviously, we will not return.

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