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The Canal Club

Visited 24 May 2018.

The theme of the resort, island, is carried into the restaurant with plenty of greenery, comfortable seating and not too tightly packed tables. The noise level was good until they had live music, this was not good as the acoustics simply do not lend themselves to this sounding right.

J had the ceviche to begin; he said that it was quite good, juicy and tasty with a nice citrusy bite. The only starter for me was the tostones; fortunately, I like tostones and these were a good version. I really enjoyed the black bean purée that accompanied the smashed crispy fried pieces of plantain. J chose the bass for his main, he really liked the bass (in fact, he commented that he should get bass more often) which he described as very nice, very meaty and tender. I chose the gaucho steak. The thin steak was perfectly cooked as ordered (medium rare), covered with a delicious poblano chimichurri sauce and accompanied by lightly fried masa cakes. Both of us chose the cream of strawberry pie. This was a light and airy whipped strawberry cream cheese filling topped with whipped cream, some pickled (yes, but very slightly so) strawberries and whipped cream. I found the filling to be very nice but the crust tasted raw.

Overall the food was good but the service was horrible. I could eat there again but I am unlikely to seek it out.

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