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Visited 25 May 2018.

Comfortable but a bit tightly packed throwback decor. It was very quiet, including the nondescript music.

I noted that most of their small menu was included in the restaurant week menu.

We started with cocktails, J a beer and I tried for a daiquiri. They clearly did not know what a real daiquiri was and based on my loose description they concocted an interesting beverage that I will call the Dorian daiquiri of rum and lime juice; it was quite tart but I liked it.

Starters were a choice of bruschetta, we decided to get two flavors and share. The fluffy thin layer of goat cheese was topped with a generous portion of salted pears and drizzled with a citrus glaze. The second was more thickly spread goat cheese crème fraiche blend topped with fiji apples, elderflower honey, and reduced balsamic vinegar. Both were very good. J chose salmon for his main, he found it to be good. My steak was quite nice as well, cooked as ordered and served with a good version of au gratin potatoes. We also both went with vanilla roasted Hawaiian pineapple for dessert. This was a puff pastry boat filled with caramel drizzled slices of grilled pineapple accompanied by vanilla bean gelato. It was quite nice.

Service was excellent. I would dine here again.

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