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Match Restaurant & Lounge

Visited 27 May 2018.

Our final restaurant for spring Arizona Restaurant Week 2018. Modern glass and chrome setting but not too loud. However, it was too cold, 70 degrees with a gale force wind.

J found beer selections to meet his needs and I started with a decent daiquiri.

P’s choice for starter was the pancetta wrapped dates. She found the dish to be overly sweet and the pancetta lacking in both amount and crispness but still rather liked the dish. J chose the smoked salmon dip which he really enjoyed, he said that it was very good. I selected the hummus, this was a huge bound of basil hummus accompanied by a selection of crunchy vegetables, tomatoes, and pita bread. It was very good and was large enough for the entire table.

The main course did not go as well as it could have. Let’s start with the best part, I ordered the rigatoni and meatballs. The rigatoni was slightly overcooked and the meatballs a bit softer (could not spear with the fork without them falling apart) than I like but the flavors were excellent, I really like the spicy tomato sauce. The others chose proteins which meant (according to the waiter) that it came with nothing else except a sauce that they had to select. J selected the pork chop with Moroccan spiced apple mustard. The pork chop was very large, thick and juicy. The sauce needed to be cooked longer, while it had nice flavors the spices were still raw. P chose the red wine braised short rib (I do not recall if she actually had to choose a sauce as well.) and a side of horseradish potato gratin. Her short rib came and she commented on the unusual perfectly square look of the rib. After a few bites of what was an overly sweet dish, she added much-needed salt and asked the waiter about her side dish. The side dish eventually came just as she had about two more bites of her main dish. The horseradish would have been the perfect foil for all that sweetness but it arrived too late. The potatoes were nice and creamy with just a small bite from the horseradish, an excellent dish.

Desserts were fine. P had the cannoli, three slender tubes that she said were quite good. J went with the tiramisu, this was an acceptable but strangely plated large version of this dish. After being told that it was a very dense (New York style) cheesecake, I went along that disappointing route. It was a light cheesecake in which the cheese was virtually indiscernible and I wish that I had had the sweet strawberry syrup left off of the dish.

The service was pretty good. However, there was neither an apology nor any attempt to make up for the side dish arriving at the end of the meal. The food was good enough that I could dine there again but I would not seek it out.


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