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Visited 26 May 2018.

The decor and food is Spanish, to match the resort; comfortable seating and table arrangements.

We both began with a raspberry rebel cocktail, a deligtful not sweet concoction of raspberry, cranberry, and rum.

Bread service was a fresh baked loaf of crusty sourdough. We both selected the baked triple cream brie for our starter. For this, they cut the top off of one of their bread loaves, scooped out the inside, stuffed it with fabulous brie and baked it some more. It was warm, gooey, and crunchy. The meyer lemon jam and marcona almonds added a perfect tartness and extra crunch. The bread could have been just a bit less hard for the dish to be perfect.  Of course, J chose the paella for his main dish. He said it was very good and had a lot of seafood. I asked him if the rice had a socarrat; he said no but that would not have liked the crispy rice. I chose the short rib (Why did so many places have that as my only choice this week?). Unfotunately, this was not one of the better versions of the dish. The flavor was very good, red wine reduction accompanied by fluffy gnocchi and sauteed baby brussel sprouts with a shallot confit. The problem was that the rib itself was not tender enough and the fat had not had enough time to melt into the meat; it was actually quite difficult to cut. J chose wild berry crumble for dessert, a delicious blend of berries with a nicely crunchy topping. (This was the better of the two desserts.) I selected the chocolat mousses bomba. The bomba was a shiny mound of wonderful dark chocolate mousse with a vanilla caramel center. While I loved the chooclate part, the center killed it for me. (I am just not a caramel fan and it can get overwhelming too quickly for me.)

J found beers a bit lacking in choices so we had a lovely Spanish wine that our waiter recommended, La Maldita Garnacha.

Service was impeccable. I will return.

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