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Rusconi’s American Kitchen

Latest visit on 31 May 2018.

I last posted a review of what has become one of my favorites 4 years ago when I first discovered it through restaurant week. I decided it was time to update. I have enjoyed all of my many meals here but last night the three of us were even more delighted than usual. The superb food was enhanced by the ringside table, we salivated over every dish we saw Chef plating up in front of us.

We started by sharing the caramelized onion goat cheese fondue, one of my favorite starters. Super creamy thick tangy goat cheese fondue topped off with perfectly sweet caramelized onions served with grilled slices of wonderful crusty chewy bread. As we neared the end of the bread with fondue still left in the pot, our fantastic waiter noticed and replenished the bread supply without a word from us.

P sat out the second course while C and I split the special salad of the night. Beautiful slices of tomato topped with rich creamy burrata, balsamic reduction, basil oil, pickled red onion, and basil sorbet. It has made me change my mind about burrata, I thought that I did not like it but it turns out that I just do not like bland mediocre versions of it. Kudos Chef Michael.

We ordered the parmesan truffle fries for the table. Delightfully crisp french fries topped a hint of truffle and grated parmesan. They are served with house-made ketchup and lemon aioli; both P and C did not care for the dipping sauces and I do not use them with this version of the fries but I do like them when I have plain fries.  C chose the ‘kitchen’ burger for her main. Her burger was cooked slightly less than she ordered but within her acceptable range, it was medium rare and she ordered medium. That was the only “misstep” in her dish. It is a thick beefy patty topped with goat cheese, sautèed balsamic onions, tomato, and arugula on a soft bun. It was accompanied by parmesan truffle fries, a duplicate of the side ordered for the table. She said the goat cheese on her burger was really good and the burger was huge! P selected the special of the night, a flat iron steak. This was served atop a warm roasted fingerling potato salad and green beans. A slight misstep for P on this dish was the potatoes, she felt they were a bit dry and some of them were overcooked. (I did not agree with the overcooked, I found the slight occasional crunchy end to be a great textural addition.) Her meat was cooked perfectly and she said the sauce was so good that she wanted to lick the plate! I went with the cooked to perfection tenderloin medallions served over fabulous white truffle scented mac-n-cheese with a moat of red-wine reduction. Loved it as well as the perfectly cooked baby green beans and roasted carrots. I enjoyed every bite.

On to the desserts. P selected the house-made peach sorbet. This was another winner, awesome peach flavor with just a tease of heat from cayenne pepper. (I thought about stealing it from her.) C and I shared the decadent dark chocolate bread pudding, another triumph for the chef (and possibly the dish that won me over on my first visit). Wow, moist, super chocolatey bread pudding in a pool of white chocolate sauce (that part is not my cup of tea but C went for it big). Loved it.

Highly recommended, I will return again and again.

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